Our Child Guidance goals are to help children:

· be safe with themselves and others
· feel good about themselves
· develop self-control and good coping skills
· appropriately express their feelings
· become more independent
· balance their needs and wants with those of others
· learn new probelm-solving skills, including non-violent conflict resolution
· learn about conservation- using equipment, materials in a caring appropriate way
· use kind words when speaking to peers and adults

Over the Rainbow Learning Center operates on the premise that young children are never "bad". Young children lack the skills needed to comply with the world's demands, so they sometimes turn to inappropriate behavior patterns.

Discipline techniques such as setting consistent, reasonable and positive age-appropriate expectations, offering choices to children and providing opportunities for children to verbalize their feelings are used at Over The Rainbow Learning Center. All rules and expectations are stated clearly and are geared to the specific developmental level. Children are encouraged to help establish the rules, policies and consequences of the classroom.

Child Guidance