Over the Rainbow serves children from 2 months of age through age 8. Our very dynamic program is geared to the children as they grow and develop. We have four individual programs which are described below. Each curriculum program is specific to the age group. Our overall curriculum was developed using a combination of sources. It is based mainly on the MA Curriculum Frameworks, which includes DOE Preschool Guidelines and DOE Infant Toddler Guidelines. We have also incorporated NAEYC guidelines and standards and a good amount of Creative Curriculum into our high quality, hands-on curriculum.

The primary goal of our curriculum is to encourage children to be enthusiastic, self-confident learners. Our curriculum respects individual learning styles and interests. We promote growth in all areas of development, including social, emotional, cognitive and physical.
Our curriculum goals are achieved through theme-based activities, center-based classrooms and daily conversations with adults and children. Opportunities exist within our classrooms for the child to engage in small and large group activities and also for some solitary independent play. Large group activities are for short periods of time. Interactive centers and small groups predominate as a means of encouraging educational interactions.
Our child-friendly rooms are arranged into small learning areas. These classroom areas allow the children to make clear choices as they proceed through the day. There are a wide variety of learning materials available. They are changed frequently to assure that the children are continually challenged and stimulated in their learning and their thinking.There are areas of quiet and of activity in each classroom. The atmosphere in the rooms is that of happiness, security and independence.

Our Infant Room has a capacity of 7 Infants.  The Toddler Room (15 months-2 years old) and Transition Room (2 years-2.9 years old) have a capacity of 9 children in each classroom. The classrooms are safe and comfortable places designed specifically for the very young child. They are places of quiet reflections and simple pleasures. Each room has cozy areas for quiet play, active play, learning and just for relaxing. The teachers are very experienced with this age group. There is laughter, fun and so much learning going on in the rooms. The infants are challenged through their own developmental skill ladder and the toddlers have their own goals set up between you and the teachers. The curriculum is based on the DOE Infant and Toddler Guidelines and the Creative Curriculum.

This classroom is busy, busy, busy! This age group needs a balance of structure and choices, a room of activity and quiet spaces, creative and expressive art, and loving and caring teachers. We have it all!

The Pre-Kindergarten children have a balance of structured time and free choices. During this time, the children are practicing their writing skills, math skills and their sight words to get ready to move onto the public school Kindergarten. Your children will be very prepared to take on Kindergarten!

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