Family involvement is strongly encouraged at Over the Rainbow Learning Center. We value your family traditions, events and cultural beliefs. You are invited to share your family traditions and customs. We have many events throughout the year that all families are invited to attend.  We celebrate the family through a Mother's Day Tea, a Father's Day Celebration, a Halloween Parade, a Holiday Social and many more family events. Week of the Young Child is celebrated in April and Over the Rainbow plans a week full of fun activities to show our children how special they are.  All our families are invited to volunteer in our classrooms and join us on our field trips.

Over the Rainbow also encourages you to get involved in our wonderful community. This gives you opportunities to meet and interact with other families and allows the children to see their friends outside of school. Being involved both with our center and our community shows your child the dedication you have to Over the Rainbow and the belief that it is a safe, loving environment for your child.

Our educators are trained and experienced in providing understanding, nurturing relationships with children while establishing an effective partnership with the families. We are a team!

       Role of our Families